Sunday, June 10, 2012

As the Digital Journal, yet none of the stolen toothpicks was found.

The police of the American city of Athens ( Ga. ) is looking for the attacker , kidnapped two weeks of almost four hundred,zero toothpicks from the warehouse of a local company Armond's Manufacturing.This is with reference to the Athenian police said Athens Banner-Herald.First six boxes disappeared from the warehouse for about two weeks ago , and then, at the weekend on June two-three , lost seven more boxes.Each box was two hundred and eighty-eight boxes containing one hundred toothpicks .As a result, disappeared from a warehouse three hundred and seventy-four zero four hundred toothpicks from the series "MicroPicks" and "ProPicks".The total value of stolen items, according to police, two thousand amounted to eight hundred and eight dollars.No traces of burglary the police did not find any , so that the owner of the warehouse employees suspected of theft - still working for a company or working on it before.On Saturday , June two , two Armond's Manufacturing saw at the local flea market, a man who was walking between the rows and sold toothpicks "MicroPicks".They described the seller as a person of Latin American appearance.According to police, he could get the toothpicks from the person who committed the robbery.As the Digital Journal, yet none of the stolen toothpicks was found.

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